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The road to retirement is full of curves.

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We work with clients who are nearing retirement, currently in retirement or those who are looking to invest money they cannot afford to lose.

 While retirement may be a goal for everyone, everyone's journey to retirement looks different depending on what retirement means to you, the challenges you face will be unique. That’s why we believe every individual deserves a personalized retirement plan.

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Schedule a meeting to sit down with us and discover what your ideal retirement looks like.


TOGETHER we will examine your current financial situation and determine what is needed to help you achieve your desired financial freedom.


We develop a well-crafted personalized plan for your retirement designed to be both flexible and proactive. We call this plan YOUR RETIREMENT ATLAS.


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“We exist to help ensure our clients are able to spend more money and time ON and WITH the ones they love.”

Dale Smothers | Founder

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